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Since 1950, we’ve helped to improve water quality in Northern and Central AL by installing thousands of commercial, industrial & residential water softeners, whole home filters, and reverse osmosis systems. Our water treatment systems can help your appliances & pipes last longer, while improving the water quality in your home or business.

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Industrial Services We Offer:

Industrial Water Treatment Solutions:

  • Deionized Water Treatment – Culligan Huntsville & Birmingham AL cost-effective industrial deionized water solutions.
  • C&I Water Treatment – Industry-leading technology provides cost-effective solutions for your business.
  • Portable & Skid Mounted Water Treatment – On demand, on location: a one source solution for water treatment.
  • C&I Softeners or Conditioners – Whether for a restaurant, car wash, hotel, or hospital, Culligan has the best water softeners to save you time and money each month on soap and cleaning expenses.
  • C&I Reverse Osmosis – Best in the industry Commercial and Industrial sized Reverse Osmosis systems engineered for your required flow rates, water quality, and budget.
  • C&I De-alkalization – De-alkalizers reduce the alkalinity in water by the use of ion exchange and can be highly effective in the Oil & Gas industries.
  • C&I Filtration Systems – We provide multiple filtration solutions including sediment, carbon, ultrafiltration & nanofiltration to fit your business needs.
  • C&I Ultraviolet Water Treatment – Culligan Huntsville & Birmingham AL has sized and applied UV sterilizers for a variety of industrial and ultrapure water systems as well as many other uses and applications.
  • Industrial Waste Water Treatment – Culligan Huntsville & Birmingham AL provides waste water treatment to a variety of industries for many application.

Industrial Water Solutions By Industry:

  • Industrial Manufacturing – From process water to grey water reuse, we have multiple water treatment options for manufacturing.
  • Oil & Gas Industries – Everything from ultrasoft water for steam injectors, to meeting strict regulatory compliance for wastewater discharge.
  • Energy & Power – From portable & skid mounted water treatment equipment to stationary softeners, we have multiple water treatment options for Energy & Power companies.
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals - From high purity water to reduction of organic contaminants, we provide healthcare & pharmaceutical water treatment options to fit your organization’s specific needs.
  • Educational Facilities – Culligan Huntsville & Birmingham AL systems provide high-quality water to educational facilities from K-12 to universities for a wide variety of applications.
  • Municipal Water Treatment – From ultrafiltration to disinfection technologies, Culligan Huntsville & Birmingham AL has water treatment options for municipal water treatment tailored to fit your local water quality.
  • Car Washes – From extending the life of your equipment, to creating spotless rinses, our systems provide high-quality water to car washes for a wide variety of applications.
  • Hospitality & Lodging – From water softeners to protect boiler systems to reverse osmosis to provide crystal clear ice cubes, we have great options for hotels & lodging.
  • Food & Beverage – Culligan water can help extend the life of your most valuable equipment while providing your customers great tasting water, coffees, & teas!

Residential Services We Offer:

  • Water Filters and Filtration – There’s nothing worse than investing your time and money for a solution that doesn’t work. Let us help you make sure you get the right water filter and water treatment the first time!
  • Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water – The best solution for great tasting water right at your kitchen sink in almost limitless supply.
  • Salt Delivery – Tired of lugging around 50lb bags of salt or running out of soft water?
  • Water Softeners and Conditioners – Some competitors try to make you think there’s some sort of difference between “softened” and “conditioned” water but the 2 terms have been interchangeable in the water treatment industry for about 80 years.
  • Water Testing – In most cases, before we can recommend the best treatment, testing your water is the first step. After all, how can we treat your water if we don’t know what’s in it?
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Serving Northern Alabama, as well as the following major cities:

Huntsville, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Decatur, Madison

And the following Counties in Alabama:

Madison, Limestone, Jackson, Morgan, Marshall, Cullman, Blount, Walker, Jefferson, St. Clair, Tuscaloosa, Shelby, Lauderdale, Colbert, Lawrence

Culligan of Alabama provides:

Whole house water filtration, water softeners, reverse osmosis drinking water systems and bottle-free water coolers to provide healthy drinking water for your home and business. Our full line of warrantied water treatment includes bottled water delivery, home water tests, salt delivery, commercial water treatment and drinking water filters.

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